[CRYOLIST] EGU2019 sessions "Clouds, moisture, and precipitation in the polar regions" and "The atmospheric water cycle: processes, dynamics and characteristics"

Irina Gorodetskaya irina.gorodetskaya at ua.pt
Wed Jan 2 07:22:10 PST 2019

Dear Colleagues,

    We would like to remind you about the approaching deadline for EGU
    2019 abstract submission (*10 January 2019, 13:00 CET**) *and bring
    your attention to the following sessions that welcome contributions
    about the atmospheric branch of the hydrological cycle in the Polar

      Session AS4.9/CR3.06/HS11.16 Clouds, moisture, and precipitation
    in the polar regions: Sources, processes and impacts

    The session aims at bringing together researchers using
    observational and/or modeling approaches at various scales to
    improve our understanding of polar tropospheric clouds,
    precipitation, and related mechanisms and impacts. Contributions are
    invited on various relevant processes including sources of cloud
    nuclei, linkages of polar clouds/precipitation to the moisture
    sources and transport, relationship of moisture/cloud/precipitation
    processes to the atmospheric dynamics, role of the
    surface-atmosphere interaction in terms of mass, energy, and cloud
    nuclei particles, effects that the clouds/precipitation in the polar
    regions have on the polar and global climate system, surface mass
    and energy balance, sea ice and ecosystems.

    Session AS4.1/CL2.19/CR3.07/HS11.24The atmospheric water cycle:
    processes, dynamics and characteristics

    This session sets the focus on processes, dynamics and
    characteristics at the evaporation sources, during moisture
    transport, and at the precipitation sinks as observed from in-situ
    and remote sensing, recorded by (paleo)climate archives, and as
    simulated for past, present and future climates. We particularly
    encourage contributions to link across neighbouring disciplines,
    such as atmospheric science, climate, paleoclimate, cryosphere, and

    Best wishes for the New Year!

    Irina Gorodetskaya on behalf of the session conveners

Irina Gorodetskaya
Researcher in meteorology and climate
CESAM - Centre for Environmental and Marine Sciences
Department of Physics, University of Aveiro
Campus Universitário de Santiago
3810-193 Aveiro, Portugal
email: irina.gorodetskaya at ua.pt
tel: +351 234 378 101
local: Dept Fisica, Rm.

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