[CRYOLIST] [EGU 2019] Let's Get Digital

Giulia Sofia giulia.sofia at unipd.it
Mon Jan 7 05:48:42 PST 2019

Start your new year on the right foot!


you are very much into digital terrain analysis, geomorphometry and
computer-based applications in Earth-or planetary- surface processes, then
we are looking for you!




Abstract submission: deadline-10 Jan 2019 

Do you work on quantitative land-surface analysis? 

Does your research draw upon mathematics, computer vision, machine learning,
image-processing techniques or statistics to quantify the shape of earth's
(or other planets') topography? 

Does your research bridge the gap between the process-focussed fields
(hydrology, geomorphology, soil sciences, natural hazards, planetary
science, geo-biology, archaeology) and the technical domain (engineering,
computer vision, machine learning, and statistics)? 


If you can answer yes to one of these questions, this session is for you!


Frontiers in geomorphometry aims to foster inter-disciplinarity with a focus
on new techniques in digital terrain production and analysis from any
discipline. As researchers, we want to foster collaboration and the sharing
of ideas across subject-boundaries, between technique developers and users,
enabling us as a community to fully exploit the wealth of knowledge inherent
in our digital landscape. 


Just remember, the driver for new ideas and applications often comes from
another specialty, discipline or subject: Your solution may already be out
there waiting for you!



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