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Dear colleagues,
Few hours left before the closing of the Abstract submission for the EGU GA
If you have done any work on 'Polar meteorology and climatology and their
link to changes in the cryosphere' we warmly welcome you to submit an
abstract to this session:

Session details:
*Session number: *AS1.16/CR3.09
*Session title:* Polar meteorology and climatology and their link to
changes in the cryosphere
*Convener:* Diana Francis
*Co-conveners:* Amélie Kirchgaessner, Till Wagner
The polar climate system is strongly affected by interactions between the
atmosphere and the cryosphere. Feedback mechanisms between snow, land ice,
sea ice and the atmosphere, such as blowing snow, ice melt, polynya
formation, and sea ice production play an important role. Atmosphere-ice
interactions are also triggered by synoptic weather phenomena such as cold
air outbreaks, katabatic winds, polar lows, atmospheric rivers, Foehn winds
and heatwaves. However, our understanding of these processes is still
incomplete, and to fully capture how atmosphere, land ice and sea ice are
coupled on different spatial and temporal scales, remains a major
This session will provide a setting to foster discussion on the
atmosphere-ice coupling in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. It
will offer the opportunity to review newly acquired knowledge, identify
gaps, and which instruments, tools, and studies can be designed to address
these open questions.
We invite contributions on all observational and modelling aspects of
Arctic and Antarctic meteorology and climatology that address atmospheric
interactions with the cryosphere. This may include studies of atmospheric
dynamics that influence sea-ice dynamics or ice-sheet mass balance, or
investigations into the variability of the atmospheric circulation such as
polar jets, the circumpolar trough, storm tracks and their link to changes
in the cryosphere.

Looking forward to receive your abstracts!
Diana, Amelie and Till.


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