[CRYOLIST] INQUA session, extended abstract deadline 13/01/19: Geological and geophysical archives of ice sheets on continental shelves

Andy Emery [RPG] ee06ae at leeds.ac.uk
Thu Jan 10 08:23:54 PST 2019

Hi all,

The INQUA abstract deadline has been extended to Sunday 13th January (23:59 GMT). If you didn't have a chance to submit, now's your chance!

Geological and geophysical archives of ice sheets on continental shelves

Ice sheets terminating in marine environments, grounded below sea level, are dynamic and sensitive portions of the cryosphere and among the largest uncertainties in understanding the fate of modern ice sheets under anticipated atmospheric and oceanic warming. Geological records from formerly-glaciated continental shelves and large marine basins offer an analogue of modern system behaviour, providing detailed signatures of landform, sedimentological and stratigraphic assemblages associated with flow and retreat of marine-based ice sheets over glacial-interglacial cycles. Recent multiplication of high-resolution offshore datasets allows the comprehensive investigation of these glaciologically-dynamic systems. Tools including multibeam echosounder (MBES) bathymetry, subsurface profiling, 2D and 3D seismic reflection imagery, core sedimentology and palaeoenvironmental analyses, and geotechnical logs enable us to access sedimentological, stratigraphic and morphological archives of ice-ocean-sedimentary systems on continental shelves.
This session aims to bring together geomorphological, sedimentological, stratigraphic, geophysical and numerical modelling studies of ice sheet behaviour and records in the offshore domain during the most recent and earlier glacial-interglacial cycles. We welcome themes including, but not limited to, ice flow dynamics in marine-based ice sheet sectors, grounding line behaviour, the role of meltwater on glaciological systems and in proglacial to paraglacial settings, ice-ocean interactions, and the coupling between sea-level change and continental shelf sedimentary environments. Contributions developing and integrating research methods and datasets are welcomed. We encourage submissions from those coupling geological with numerical modelling investigations, and those using Quaternary studies to inform understanding of modern ice sheet behaviour and the coupling between ice sheets, ocean forcing and continental shelf sedimentary systems.

Andy Emery (Convenor)
Sarah Greenwood (Co-Convenor)
Stephen McCarron (Co-Convenor)
Benedict Reinardy (Co-Convenor)
Stephen Eaton (Co-Convenor)
Lilja Bjarnadóttir (Co-Convenor)
Daniel Praeg (Co-Convenor)
Dayton Dove (Co-Convenor)

Submit at: https://app.oxfordabstracts.com/stages/646/submissions/new?behalf=false&preview=false (choose Coastal and Marine Processes in top drop-down, then Geological and geophysical archives of ice sheets on continental shelves in the next)
Abstract: http://www.inqua2019.org/programme/special-sessions/#toggle-id-3

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Thanks, Andy

Andy Emery
PhD researcher, Priestley Climate Scholar
Stratigraphy Group, School of Earth and Environment
University of Leeds

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