[CRYOLIST] PhD position in arctic hydrogeological modelling at Stockholm University, Sweden

Andrew Frampton andrew.frampton at natgeo.su.se
Mon Jan 14 00:03:25 PST 2019

Dear Colleagues,

We have an opening for a PhD position on modelling hydrogeological 
transport in the active layer of permafrost environments. Please 
distribute to potentially interested candidates. The deadline for 
applications is 15 February 2019 and the full announcement is posted at


A brief summary is also included below.

Many thanks
Andrew Frampton

PhD Project Description

The doctoral studies will be conducted within the framework of a project 
on hydrogeology in arctic permafrost environments. Effects of climate 
change are highly pronounced in the arctic with significant changes 
occurring in various arctic hydrological systems. The active layer of 
permafrost environments is a particularly sensitive and critical zone of 
exchange, with links between the hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere, 
and is strongly influenced by hydro-meteorological variability and 
climate change. Changes in flow and transport pathways in the active 
layer impact carbon release from thawing permafrost and is an important 
climate feedback mechanism.

This project aims to investigate soil and groundwater flow and transport 
in the active layer of permafrost environments. The focus is to study 
and quantify processes and environmental controls governing the dynamics 
of heat transfer, water flow and solute transport in the active layer, 
considering both present-day conditions and future climate conditions. 
The method will be a combination of numerical modelling using advanced 
research codes for flow and transport in arctic systems as well as 
conducting hydrogeological investigations in the field, primarily on 
Svalbard, which will include new tracer tests.

Experience in numerical modelling of water flow, heat flow and solute 
transport is desired, as well as experience in programming, scripting 
and processing of field and model data. Experience of fieldwork in the 
arctic is advantageous. Relevant degree areas include geosciences, or 
physics and computational sciences, the latter preferably with 
geoscientific experience.

For full details and how to apply, see

Andrew Frampton
Associate Professor
Dept. of Physical Geography and Bolin Centre for Climate Research
Stockholm University, Sweden
Associate Editor, Hydrogeology Journal
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