[CRYOLIST] EMS session - finalization

Renato R. Colucci r.colucci at ts.ismar.cnr.it
Tue Jan 15 02:03:03 PST 2019

Dear all

We should finalize the session this week, because next week the  
EMS-PSC will decide the final program of the conference. Let me first  
thank you all of you for sharing ideas and comments and for helping me  
in write down the structure of the introduction

We have an issue with the title, because potentially there is a  
conflict with another proposed session in Copenhagen, please find  
attached at the end the message from the PSC.

I guess that the suggestion given by the EMS to change the title in  
something similar to "Cold region processes and the role of the  
cryosphere in the global climate system" is reasonable.

I would suggest even something shorter like "the cryosphere in the  
global climate system"

I'll appreciate your suggestion on this point

"Dear Renato,

The session program for this year's EMS conference is currently under  
discussion (you may view the provisional program with all sessions  
suggested under the conference web page). There is one point I would  
like to discuss with you: We have a session on "Cold regions  
meteorology and on the role of the cryosphere in the climate system"  
in the EMS session program for quite some years, this session has been  
organized by Renato and a team of co-conveners who were very engaged  
last fall in tuning the session description and adjusting the convener  
team. Now Timo and Lise-Lotte have proposed an additional session  
named "Arctic and Antarctic Meteorology" in responding to the special  
Arctic focus of this year's conference. I am a bit uncertain, whether  
we should really have a session on "Cold regions meteorology" and  
another one on "Arctic and Antarctic Meteorology",  I would assume the  
Arctic and Antarctic belong to the cold regions and the two sessions  
might fight for the same contributors. One option could thus be to  
organize one session together. When reading the session descriptions I  
see that there are different aspects where the focus is set on - this  
may justify the two sessions. However, we should then probably rename  
Renato's session a bit (in order to avoid the "cold regions  
meteorology" vs. "Arctic meteorology" conflict), a suggestion could be  
"Cold region processes and the role of the cryosphere in the global  
climate system".

I would appreciate your comments on these thoughts, preferably this  
week since the session program shall be finalized next week.
Renato, could you share this with your co-conveners?

Thanks a lot for your engagement,

Renato R. Colucci, PhD
Climate and Paleoclimate Research Group

C3 - Cave's Cryosphere and Climate

Department of Earth System Sciences and Environmental Technology
ISMAR Trieste - CNR

Area Science Park - Basovizza
Q2 building, S.S.14 - km 163.5
I-34149 Trieste (ITALY)
phone: +39 040 375 6876
skype:  rrcismar

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