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M Jackson jerilynn at uoregon.edu
Tue Jan 15 22:40:37 PST 2019

Dear colleagues,

*Apologies for the cross-posting*

A brief note to share the news of my new environment and society book
released today, The Secret Lives of Glaciers, from Green Writers Press. The
Secret Lives of Glaciers explores what happens when an Icelandic
community's glaciers slowly disappear due to increasing climatic changes. Each
chapter unfolds complex stories of people and glaciers along the
southeastern coast of Iceland, analyzing the history of glacier science and
the world's first glacier monitoring program, the power glaciers enact on
local society, perceptions by some in the community that glaciers are
alive, and the conflicting and intertwined consequences of rapid glacier
change on the cultural fabric of the region.

The National Geographic recently published an excerpt from The Secret Lives
of Glaciers you can check out here:

The book is available everywhere books are sold but you'll likely have to
ask for it at your indie bookstore.

Learn more: http://greenwriterspress.com/book/the-secret-lives-of-glaciers/

Warm regards,

M Jackson, Ph.D.
National Geographic Explorer & TED Fellow
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