[CRYOLIST] Canadian MSc/PhD position in climate dynamics at York University

Neil Tandon Neil.Tandon at lassonde.yorku.ca
Wed Jan 16 08:05:32 PST 2019

There is currently an opening for a Canadian MSc/PhD student in the climate dynamics research group of Prof. Neil Tandon at York University. (Only Canadian citizens and permanent residents will be considered at this time.)  This group is based in the Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering (ESSE) within the Lassonde School of Engineering. Students would begin studies in September 2019. Both MSc and PhD students would be supported by teaching or research assistantships, and they would work towards degrees in Earth and Space Science. More information about ESSE and its degree programs may be found at <http://esse.lassonde.yorku.ca>

There is a wide range of possible research topics, including long-term.changes in the Hadley circulation and midlatitude jets, cloud-circulation interaction, the dynamics of extreme precipitation, motion of Arctic sea ice, and variability of the ocean overturning circulation. There is a particular need for a student interested in investigating summer Arctic sea ice motion. Prof. Tandon's group is computationally focused, combining numerical model simulations with analysis of various datasets. Additional information about Prof. Tandon's research may be found at <http://esse.lassonde.yorku.ca/people/faculty/tandon-neil> and <http://www.yorku.ca/tandon>.

The following are requirements for prospective students:
Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status,
an undergraduate degree in science, mathematics (pure or applied) or engineering,
an undergraduate GPA of B or better,
competence in a scientific computing language (e.g., MATLAB, R, Python).

Toronto is a wonderful place to live and work in. It is known for its diversity, inclusiveness, vibrant arts scene, walkable neighbourhoods and beautiful green spaces. ESSE students enjoy a stimulating research environment both on campus and through interactions with nearby institutions like Environment and Climate Change Canada and the University of Toronto.

Does this appeal to you? If so, then please proceed to submit your application here: <http://futurestudents.yorku.ca/graduate/programs/earth-and-space-science>. All applications must be received by March 13, 2019. Prospective students should apply at the MSc level. (With satisfactory progress, students will advance to the PhD program after the first or second year.) Prior to applying, prospective students are encouraged to send a CV and a 4-5 sentence statement of interest to Prof. Tandon at <tandon at yorku.ca>.

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