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We inform you that the third edition of STRATI Conference (STRATI2019) will be held in Milano (Italy), 2-5 July 2019, and we cordially invite you to contribute to this special session dedicate to the ice core community.

Deadline is the 10 March 2019, at www.strati2019.it <http://www.strati2019.it/>
 Topic – T6: Antarctic and Artic                            

Title of the Session: Ice core stratigraphy: regional to global paleoclimatic reconstruction

Polar and high mountain glaciers provide information about past climate and environmental conditions on timescales from decades to hundreds of millennia, as well as direct records of the composition of the atmosphere. Ice cores contain highly detailed continuous stratigraphic records extending from the present to 800 ka BP. A large variety of climate proxies, related to atmospheric and climate changes can be analysed and dated with an accuracy ranging from a few years, for recent centuries, to a few millennia for older records. Over the past two decades, the contribution of ice core studies to the reconstruction and interpretation of past climate changes became fundamental: they allowed the direct measurement of greenhouse gas changes in the past and the detection of rapid climatic changes.

You can reach the Second Circular at this link: http://www.strati2019.it/documents/SecondCircularSTRATI2019.pdf <http://www.strati2019.it/documents/SecondCircularSTRATI2019.pdf>


Valter Maggi, Robert Mulvaney, Samuel Albani, Jefferson Simoe


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