[CRYOLIST] Session on The Hydrological Cycle at High Latitudes - IUGG Montreal 2019 - IASC Symposium

Irina Gorodetskaya irina.gorodetskaya at ua.pt
Tue Jan 22 07:44:12 PST 2019

Dear colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to the IASC symposium during the 
IUGG 2019 in Montreal, 8-18 July 2019 
(http://iugg2019montreal.com/c.html), which will host the following 
session where we encourage your contribution:

C07 – The Hydrological Cycle at High Latitudes: Variability, Changes and 
Impacts on the Cryosphere

Convener: Amaelle Landais (France)

Co-Conveners: Irina Gorodetskaya (Portugal), Takashi Yamanouchi (Japan)


The atmospheric water cycle is a key player in the ice sheet surface 
mass and energy balance. The rapid changes associated with the 
anthropogenic warming are expected to alter this balance, with changing 
in poleward moisture transport affecting the precipitation rate, cloud 
properties, albedo, and consequently mass and energy balance.

In this symposium, we welcome contributions both from modeling and from 
observational campaigns using a combination of remote sensing, 
ground/ship-based and satellite observations targeting various aspects 
of the hydrological cycle in the polar regions and improving their 
representation in climate models.

Topics can include but are not limited to:

  * Atmospheric dynamics, including the role of atmospheric rivers in
    the total precipitation budget in the Arctic and Antarctic
  * Water isotope measurements in the vapor, as a new constraint on
    moisture transport in models.
  * New observation techniques to improve precipitation estimate and the
    surface mass balance
  * Impacts on the surface energy balance, including clouds, albedo and melt
  * Interaction with the ocean, from air-sea fluxes to the role of
    precipitation in the ocean salinity changes.

Deadline for submission: 18 February 2019 
(http://iugg2019montreal.com/abstract-submission.html) Travel Grants: 
IUGG established the 27th IUGG General Assembly Travel Grants Program to 
support students, early career scientists, female scientists and the 
attendees from less-affluent countries. The support can be requested to 
cover (i) the registration fee (at the early-bird registration fee) 
and/or (ii) living/travel expenses. More information and application 
submission portal here: http://iugg2019montreal.com/travel-grant.html

Kind regards,

Session conveners

Amaelle Landais (LSCE, Université de Versailles, France)

Irina Gorodetskaya (University of Aveiro, Portugal)

Takashi Yamanouchi (National Institute of Polar Research, Japan)

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