[CRYOLIST] IUGG 2019 Session: Adapting in the Anthropocene

Michael Wolovick wolovick at princeton.edu
Tue Jan 22 06:07:16 PST 2019

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to contribute to the following session at 
the IUGG General Assembly on July 8-18, 2019, in Montreal, Canada:

*JM01:  Adapting in the Anthropocene*

Convener:  Keith Alverson

Co-conveners:  Gia Destouni, Mike Wolovick

The detection and attribution of significant human impact on the global 
environment has been robustly shown across a number of Earth system 
components. In this context, the concept of planetary boundaries and 
tipping points has received substantial visibility.  Well known examples 
include greenhouse gas and aerosol levels in the atmosphere, ice sheet 
collapse and sea level rise, sea ice loss, plastic and acidification in 
the ocean, shifts in freshwater availability and quality, and 
biodiversity loss, nutrient and toxic chemical loading in terrestrial, 
freshwater and coastal ecosystems. This symposium will highlight 
examples of where we are experiencing the kind of dominant human impacts 
on the global environment that define the Anthropocene, with a focus on 
actions that can be taken to reverse the anthropogenic forcings, reduce 
their adverse impacts on natural and social systems and provide 
sustainable services, including food and water security and safety, for 
a growing and increasingly affluent global human population.

Note that travel grants are available for students, early career 
scientists, female scientists, and attendees from less-affluent countries.

The deadline for abstract submission is February 18.  The deadline for 
early-bird registration is April 5.

The homepage for the assembly is here:


Abstract submission is here:


Registration is here:


Travel grants are here:


We look forward to seeing you all in Montreal.

Keith, Gia, and Mike

Dr. Mike Wolovick
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Princeton AOS/GFDL
New Jersey, USA

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