[CRYOLIST] IGS Madison abstract submission and the US government shutdown

Magnus magnus at igsoc.org
Wed Jan 23 02:07:43 PST 2019

Dear Cryolist members

As you may be aware of there is a US government shutdown in effect. As a result of this we have had several US employees contact us via their personal accounts indicating they intended to submit something but are currently unable to do so.

Because of this, we have decided to extend the abstract submission deadline until midnight of the 4 February, thus giving the US government almost two weeks to sort out the dispute between the US President and Congress.

This will hopefully give the affected US federal employees enough time to submit their abstracts.

And those of you who have not submitted your abstract now have a second chance to do so.

We have a substantial number of very interesting abstracts submitted so this promises to be yet another great IGS symposium.

Please submit your abstract at https://www.igsoc.org/abstracts/80a/

You can access the second circular at https://www.igsoc.org/symposia/2019/madison/

All the best

Magnús Már Magnússon
Secretary General
International Glaciological Society
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Tel: +44 (0)1223 355 974
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