[CRYOLIST] USAPECS Call for 2019 Board Members

Mariama Dryak mariama.dryak at maine.edu
Wed Jan 23 13:42:52 PST 2019

USAPECS (http://usapecs.wixsite.com/usapecs) would like to announce a call
for applications for its executive board for 2019. Members of the USAPECS
Board are expected to work together to develop and execute activities that
they think will be of interest and beneficial to Association of Polar Early
Career Scientists (APECS) members living in the US. The activities can
include anything you're passionate about, from organizing social events or
panel discussions at meetings to running a Reddit AMA session or organizing
a webinar. This past year we produced a blog series focusing on science
communication, and we would love for members to organize something similar
this next year! We'd also love volunteers to continue our Polar Film
Festival in September (
http://usapecs.wixsite.com/usapecs/copy-of-polar-film-festival-2018) and
organize a panel and social at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting
in Washington DC in December, as we did this year--which focused on
diversity and inclusion in the polar sciences (

It's a great opportunity to become more involved in the broader polar
science community within the US. The activity (or activities) you help with
are totally up to you! The time commitment varies depending on your level
of involvement, but is typically an hour or so per month unless you are
particularly involved in an activity (like coordinating writers for a
scicomm blog series or leading the polar film festival organization).

If you're interested in serving on the USAPECS Board in 2019, please send
an email to USAPECS at gmail.com with your name, title of your current
position (undergrad, Masters student, PhD student, postdoc, faculty, etc),
where you are employed, and a few short sentences on activities you would
like to help organize this year. Applications are due January 31st. We'll
have an online meeting to welcome new members the following week.

We hope to see your applications!

Mariama Dryak & Angela Bliss
US Association of Polar Early Career Scientists
usapecs at gmail.com
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