[CRYOLIST] Inspiring Girls Expeditions: FREE Summer Science/Art Expeditions for 16/17 y.o. Girls

Erin Pettit pettiter at oregonstate.edu
Fri Jan 25 09:58:06 PST 2019

Dear Colleagues,

Inspiring Girls Expeditions (http://inspiringgirls.org) provides 
*tuition-free scientific research expeditions* for teenage girls 
(16/17). Our expeditions are unique - led by professional scientists, 
artists and wilderness guides, they aim to strengthen curiosity, 
creativity, and courage. Our expeditions involve mountaineering, rock 
climbing, or kayaking - but NO Experience is required!!

We offer expeditions in Alaska, Washington State, Colorado, Canada, and 

*Applications are open now and interested girls must register on the 
website and start their application by Feb 1, 2019 *(then they have 
until Feb 8 to complete).  See the website for details!

*As scientists and educators - YOU can help spread the word* - please 
look around your community and share this with other educators, 
especially high school teachers, and with girls. We specifically want 
girls from ALL backgrounds, especially those from under-represented 
backgrounds and who have limited other opportunities. We want to create 
a diverse team of girls who have a passion, a hunger, or a challenge in 
their life for which we can provide inspiration, support, and mentorship.

Our teams have a mix of
- girls from across the academic spectrum
- girls from across the US and international (international is limited 
by funding); some expeditions have regional eligibility
- girls who love science AND girls who aren't quite sure if they like 
- girls who have experience in outdoor activities AND girls who have 
never peed in the woods
- girls from all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds

Thank you for sharing!

Inspiring Girls Expeditions is led by and international community of 
glaciologists, oceanographers, marine biologists, climate scientists, 
wildlife biologists, geologists, as well as several artists. We have 
recently moved our leadership to Oregon State University from Univ of 
Alaska Fairbanks; UAF will remain an important partner, though. We also 
have partnerships in Colorado, Canada, and Switzerland, and we continue 
to expand. If you want to help us continue to provide these 
opportunities and expand to more opportunities, consider getting 
involved as a volunteer (volunteer at girlsonice.org) and donating 

*We appreciate your support.*

Thank you very much,
Erin Pettit

*********   			 I've MOVED!!! 				  *******

Erin Pettit
Associate Professor
Glaciology 					http://exploreice.org
Director, Inspiring Girls Expeditions		http://inspiringgirls.org

College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
104 CEOAS Admin Building
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331
206-619-1752 (cell)
pettiter at oregonstate.edu

  Inspiring Girls Expeditions are tuition-free, wilderness science expeditions
	that offer a powerful opportunity for young women
	from *all* social and economic backgrounds
	to build their creativity, curiosity, courage, and confidence.

You can help change a girls' life!  Please support us:http://inspiringgirls.org

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