[CRYOLIST] Session on Antarctic slope and rise sediments at ISAEAS 2019, Incheon

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Dear colleagues

Please consider submission of an abstract to the following session at the XIII ISAES conference (22-26 July 2019, Incheon, Republic of Korea):


Abstract submission deadline is until March 31st.

Title:	Theme 4. Glacial history of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean
		Session: Marine sedimentary sequences from the Antarctic continental slope and rise: Records of ice-sheet dynamics and Southern Ocean history during the Late Cainozoic

Fluctuations in ice-sheet extent and related changes in water-mass formation and circulation controlled deposition on Antarctica’s continental margin throughout the Late Cainozoic. Palaeo-ice stream advances through cross-shelf troughs during cold periods increased the supply of glacigenic debris to the slope, with gravitational processes transporting this material further down to the rise. Locally, bottom currents focussed the deposition of fine-grained detritus in high-accumulation sediment drifts. Variations in the extent of floating ice above the margin steered plankton productivity in surface waters as well as the formation of dense shelf waters, i.e. precursor water masses for Antarctic Bottom Water, and thus bottom-current flow in the deep sea. Glacial-interglacial changes in ice-sheet volume caused variations in the delivery of iceberg-rafted debris to the margin. Therefore, sedimentary sequences from the Antarctic slope and rise provide unique and continuous records of past ice-sheet dynamics on land as well as past changes in water-column structure and circulation in the Southern Ocean. The session will draw together findings from proxy-investigations on these archives. We encourage presentations focussing on reconstructions of Neogene to Quaternary ice-sheet history and Southern Ocean variability, thereby contributing to the goals of the SCAR programme PAIS (Past Antarctic Ice Sheet dynamics).

Confirmed presenters:
Carlota Escutia (Instituto Andaluz de Ciencias de la Tierra, Spain), Robert McKay (Antarctic Research Centre, New Zealand), Taryn Noble (University of Tasmania, Australia), Juliane Müller (Alfred-Wegener-Institut, Germany), Li Wu (Tongji University, China), Sunghan Kim (Korea Polar Research Institute, Republic of Korea)

We look forward to seeing you in Incheon!
Jae Il Lee, Gerhard Kuhn and Claus-Dieter Hillenbrand (convenors)

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