[CRYOLIST] European Climate Research Alliance (ECRA) General Assembly 27-28 February

Winfried Hoke Winfried.Hoke at ecra-climate.eu
Mon Jan 28 06:31:19 PST 2019

Dear ECRA community,

In few weeks, ECRA (the European Climate Research Alliance) is organising a major event on 27-28 February 2019 in Brussels; our third ECRA General Assembly. The theme will be:

Climate Change and Actionable Information

We would like to share with you the Agenda.
Highlights will be the keynote presentation of Deputy Director-General, Mr Patrick Child; a panel discussion with the Director of the UNEP DTU Partnership, Mr John M. Christensen; Director in DG Climate Action Ms Yvon Slingenberg; Dr Isabelle La Jeunesse; and of course representatives from the ECRA Network; and more than a dozen of scientific speakers on Day 2.

This event is open to all and will provide an exciting forum for discussion on our present and future climate. We would value you participation.
Please see the event website for more information.

PDF of Agenda: http://www.ecra-climate.eu/images/documents/GA2019/orga/ECRA_GA19-Invitation_Agenda_v2019-01-28.pdf
Event website: http://www.ecra-climate.eu/activities-events/ecra-general-assemblies/182-ecra-ga19-2b
Register here for the event: http://ecra_ga19.eventbrite.com/

Best regards,
the ECRA Chairs and Secretariat 

Winfried Hoke
Executive Secretary
European Climate Research Alliance

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1050 Brussels
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Email: winfried.hoke at ecra-climate.eu

Twitter: @ECRA_Climate

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