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Dear colleagues,

Please consider submitting an abstract to this session at the upcoming 27th IUGG General Assembly 2019 in Montreal, specifically 9-13 July for Sessions of cryosphere:
C14 - Cryospheric Processes and Related Socioeconomic Services.
You can find the full session description and a link to the conference webpage below. The deadline for abstract submissions is 18 February 2019.

We are look forward to seeing you in Montreal in July!

Kind regards from the convenors,
Cunde Xiao, Wouter Buytaert, Christian Huggel

Cryospheric Processes and Related Socioeconomic Services
Significant human populations live within or adjacent to polar and alpine regions. The cryosphere provides water resources that support irrigation, hydropower generation, and other economic benefits such as tourism. This symposium focuses on all aspects of ‘cryospheric services,’ defined as a variety of services or benefits that humanity gains from cryospheric systems. We seek submissions including but not limited to, the following topics:
•       Services that are provisioned, regulated, or supported by the cryosphere.
•       Cryospheric processes that influence the above services.
•       Changes in the cryopsphere including tipping points or thresholds that may result in putting services at risk.
•       Methods or assessments of the social and/or economic value of cryospheric services

Cunde Xiao

cdxiao at lzb.ac.cn
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