[CRYOLIST] Completion of Permafrost Information System of ESA DUE GlobPermafrost

Annett Bartsch annett.bartsch at bgeos.com
Tue Mar 19 09:23:22 PDT 2019

Dear Colleagues,

The Permafrost Information System of GlobPermafrost has been recently 

All datasets have been registered on PANGAEA including product guides. 
The thematic products include

  * mean annual ground temperature (Northern and Southern Hemisphere)
    and zonation for permafrost areas,
  * Landsat trends and derived disturbances (1999-2014; 10% of Arctic
    permafrost covered),
  * local to regional maps on landcover, vegetation height, ground fast
    lake ice, subsidence rates and rock glacier activity.

Metadata and access are documented for each item (currently 176) in the 
catalogue which is embedded into the APGC (Arctic Permafrost Geospatial 
Centre) of AWI:


Visualization is enabled through the AWI Map Portal with a dedicated 
interface for GlobPermafrost:


It comprises customized views for the Arctic, Alps, Central Asia, Andes 
and Antarctic. (Note, for visualization of legends, use the toggle 
arrows on the left or the information window button on the right next to 
each layer item)

The permafrost maps are also available as kmz for the Northern 
Hemisphere (zones) and Southern Hemisphere (MAGT classes). For more 
detail see http://www.globpermafrost.info/cms/products . The permafrost 
model will be further developed (time series of ground temperature and 
active layer thickness) as part of the European Space Agency Climate 
Change Initiative -  ESA CCI+ Permafrost: http://cci.esa.int/Permafrost

The final report of GlobPermafrost provides an overview on the project 
and all developed services: 

For questions please reply to info at globpermafrost.info.

Best regards,

Annett Bartsch

on behalf of the ESA DUE GlobPermafrost team


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