[CRYOLIST] Graduate course in the Arctic ABL, at UNIS, Svalbard, spring 2020

Marius Jonassen Marius.Jonassen at UNIS.no
Wed Oct 2 05:56:24 PDT 2019

Dear Cryolist members,

A graduate course entitled "The Arctic Atmospheric Boundary Layer and
Local Climate Processes" (AGF-350/850, 10 ECTS) will be available spring semester 2020 through The University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS). The course is intended for master's and PhD students,
with general knowledge about meteorology.

The course covers themes relevant for the Arctic atmospheric boundary layer including theory of the boundary layer with special emphasis on the stable boundary layer. Amongst the covered topics are also boundary layer turbulence and topographically induced phenomena such as drainage flow, channeling effects and barrier flows. Air-sea-ice interactions are central to the Arctic climate and will be covered and related to e.g. heat fluxes over leads and polynyas.

The course will also include lessons on measurement techniques, numerical modelling and data analysis relevant for the mentioned topics in addition to a significant fieldwork component.

Application deadline: 15th October 2019.

For questions regarding the course content, please contact

Marius O. Jonassen

Email: Marius.Jonassen at unis.no<http://lists.cryolist.org/listinfo.cgi/cryolist-cryolist.org><mailto:Marius.Jonassen at unis.no<http://lists.cryolist.org/listinfo.cgi/cryolist-cryolist.org>>

For further information about the course or to apply, please go to:



For questions regarding application and admission matters,
please contact the UNIS Study Administration on study at unis.no<http://lists.cryolist.org/listinfo.cgi/cryolist-cryolist.org><mailto:study at unis.no<http://lists.cryolist.org/listinfo.cgi/cryolist-cryolist.org>>.
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