[CRYOLIST] Funding opportunities for researchers based in Switzerland

Nina Schuback schuback.nina at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 00:37:42 PDT 2019

Dear all,

Calls for proposals for two grants offered by the Swiss Polar Institute
<https://polar.epfl.ch/> are currently open.

The SPI Exploratory Grants
<https://polar.epfl.ch/page-156316-en-html/page-156317-en-html/> will
support Swiss based scientists active in polar regions (including remote
high-altitude regions such as the Andes and the Himalayas) by allowing them
to launch short-term new ideas (for example pilot projects), fund
additional field work or launch new collaborations with financial support
for logistics. Collaboration with new teams or across disciplines are
particularly encouraged, as well as participation in larger/international
activities. The grants can be used to complement the funding of initiatives
supported by larger funding schemes (e.g. SNSF, EU, etc.).

The SPI Technogrants <https://polar.epfl.ch/spi-technogrants/> will support
Swiss groups developing technologies relevant for research in polar regions
(and other extreme environments such as remote high-altitude regions).
Technogrants can also serve the improvement and adaptation of technologies
to extreme environments or support new technological developments to be
used in the field for polar or remote high-altitude research.

Deadline for proposal submission is October 23, 2019.

Best wishes,


*Nina Schuback, PhD*
*Swiss Polar Institute*
*Lausanne, **Switzerland*
*http://polar.epfl.ch* <http://polar.epfl.ch/>
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