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Briner, Jason jbriner at buffalo.edu
Wed Oct 2 09:01:41 PDT 2019

The Glacier History Lab at the University at Buffalo releases an updated Alaska PaleoGlacier Atlas website:


The updated website provides Alaska state-wide Pleistocene glacier extent maps and associated products via links to the Randolph Glacier Inventory, The University of Alaska Fairbanks, the Polar Geospatial Center, and the USGS. You may also find links to ICE-D, a database of cosmogenic nuclide-based glacial chronologies.

The Alaska PaleoGlacier Atlas began in 2004 as an effort to compile all glacial-geologic mapping data products statewide into one comprehensive and easily accessible location online, led by Darrell Kaufman at Northern Arizona University and William Manley at INSTAAR, University of Colorado, Boulder. The effort resulted in an online warehouse known as the “Alaska PaleoGlacier Atlas.” In 2011, the Alaska PaleoGlacier Atlas was updated to include (1) early Wisconsinan ice limits and (2) a synthesis of state-wide glacial chronologic data. These 2 updates are now included in the Alaska PaleoGlacier Atlas website.

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