[CRYOLIST] CICE User's Workshop and Tutorial: registration open!

Alice DuVivier duvivier at ucar.edu
Mon Oct 7 12:44:23 PDT 2019

Dear Sea Ice Scientists,

The CICE Consortium will hold a workshop and tutorial at the National
Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado in February 2020.

The one-day user’s workshop (Feb.3, 2020) will focus on current and future
development of the community CICE and Icepack models.

Immediately following the workshop, the two-day tutorial (Feb. 4-5, 2020)
will feature lectures and practical sessions for using CICE and Icepack,
both on their own as well as use within coupled modeling systems. With
hands-on experience running the CICE and Icepack models during the
tutorial, participants will have extended opportunities for community
building with CICE Consortium member model developers.

*Funding will be available for roughly 10 US-based graduate student
tutorial participants -- please see link below for details and to apply.
Applications for travel assistance are due by November 15, 2019*.

*Registration is now open*! Workshop and tutorial attendance will be
limited to 30 participants based on the order of registrants. Please see
the event website to register:

*Contact*: Alice DuVivier (duvivier at ucar.edu)

Sincere thanks go to the agencies and institutions supporting this effort:

*Department of Energy*
Los Alamos National Laboratory

*National Science Foundation*
National Center for Atmospheric Research

*Department of Defense*
Naval Research Laboratory Stennis Space Center
Naval Postgraduate School

*Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration*
National Weather Service
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

*Environment and Climate Change Canada*

*Danish Meteorological Institute*

Best wishes,

Elizabeth Hunke
CICE Consortium Lead Coordinator
DOE Earth System Model Development Program, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Alice DuVivier
CICE Consortium Community Liaison
National Center for Atmospheric Research
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