[CRYOLIST] New Royal Meteorological Society Journal in Climate Change seeking Co-Editors in Chief

Juan EM juan.em at rmets.org
Fri Oct 18 03:44:01 PDT 2019

Dear colleagues,

Please find below the call for two Co-Editors in Chief for a new climate change journal of the Royal Meteorological Society. We would kindly ask you to share this call widely with your network. Please let me or Alison (cc'd into this e-mail) know if you have any questions.

Best wishes,


Dear colleagues,

We wanted to alert you to a new journal the Royal Meteorological Society is launching in 2020 as we are currently looking to develop our Editorial Board and recruit two Co-Editors in Chief.

Aims and Scope:
This will be an interdisciplinary open access journal studying the broad subject of the changing climate system from the natural and social science perspectives. This includes applying climate and earth systems models to gain knowledge about past, present and future climate change and variability, as well as topics exploring the impacts of climate change on society (including but not limited to health, water quality, economy, industry and agriculture) and the implications for policy. Articles should demonstrate where possible their relevance to policy, industry and wider society. The journal encourages multidisciplinary research approaches.

The journal supports the inclusion of Impact Summaries written in plain language and accessible to the wider audience including practitioners across related industries and the general public. The Journal is committed to supporting open research and reproducibility in the Earth sciences by encouraging papers that include or lead to open data, open code, open tools and standards.  Contributions may be of any length - there are no restrictions to the page, figure or other components (data, multimedia, code, etc). As part of the prestigious portfolio of Royal Meteorological Society publications, the journal welcomes papers transferred from its sister journals before or after peer review, while it maintains its editorial independence and final decision authority. The Journal aims for a fast turnaround time of 6 weeks to first decision on average (shorter if the paper is transferred with reviewer comments from a sister journal).  As an open access journal, the immediate and open dissemination of this research will also influence the public perception of and engagement with climate change.

Topics to be covered include:

  *   Model application and outcomes on regional and global scales
  *   Model accuracy, assessment, prediction skill and uncertainty
  *   New developments in ensemble modelling, optimization and AI
  *   Technology resources
  *   Funding and policy for future model development
  *   Climate impacts, risk assessment, management and reduction
  *   Climate change adaptation and mitigation
  *   Resilience development
  *   Sustainability
  *   Policy and governance
  *   Education and public outreach

We are now actively seeking for two Editors-in-Chief to share the role as Co-Editors from November 2019 and we have attached the role description in case this may be of interest to you.
The positions will be supported by Associate Editors, an Editorial Board and an Editorial Office team and there will also be extensive support from the Society and its publisher. There is also an honorarium attached to the position. You are welcome to apply for the position through the RMetS jobsboard https://jobs.rmets.org/jobs/20068750-co-editors-in-chief-for-a-new-society-journal-launch-at-royal-meteorological-society.

If this is not of interest to you, the Society would be grateful if you could forward this information on to any colleagues you feel may have an interest in the role.
Alternatively, if you feel you would like to be involved in the journal's editorial board, please get in touch with Dr Alison Brown, Head of Publishing at the Society Alison.Brown at rmets.org<mailto:Alison.Brown at rmets.org>.
Best wishes

The Editorial Team

Dr Juan Estrella-Martínez
Interim Science Communicator

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