[CRYOLIST] Last reminder: polar session at 36th IGC in Delhi, March 2020

Kenichi Matsuoka Kenichi.Matsuoka at npolar.no
Mon Oct 21 05:56:46 PDT 2019

## Abstract and travel support deadline: THURSDAY 31 October ##

Last reminder for abstract submission and travel support applications for 36th International Geological Congress held in New Delhi on 2-8 March, 2020.

Our session "Polar ice sheets and their interactions with geosphere, atmosphere, and ocean" received a large number of abstracts both on Greenland and Antarctica (thanks!), and we wish to see your contribution too.

We heard from the conference organizers that the travel support program is now open for all participants.


Theme 8 The Polar World - Past, Present and Future

Session 8.1 Polar Ice Sheets and Their Interactions with Geosphere, Atmosphere, and Ocean

The Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets are the two largest fresh water reservoirs of the world. Their volume has changed largely through glacial cycles as a result of complex interactions with the geosphere, atmosphere, and ocean. These inter-connected systems need better understanding to predict future sea-level contributions. This symposium invites abstracts related to theoretical, numerical, and observational works on dynamics and evolution of the polar ice sheets at both contemporary and geological timescales. Both regional and large-scale studies are welcome to develop a more comprehensive view of changing polar regions and their underlying causes, feedbacks and impacts.

We look forward meeting many of you at IGC next March!

Kenny Matsuoka, Frank Pattyn, Rene Forsberg, Fausto Ferraccioli, Thamban Meloth Session conveners

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