[CRYOLIST] Cosmogenic nuclide workshop: Cosmo 2020-Scotland, 2-5 June 2020, Edinburgh

Shasta Marrero shasta.marrero at ed.ac.uk
Mon Oct 21 07:20:43 PDT 2019

Announcing the *Cosmo 2020 - Scotland
<https://www.gla.ac.uk/research/az/suerc/cosmo2020scotland/>* workshop!
This cosmogenic nuclide workshop, a continuation of the previous four
events known as the Nordic Workshop on Cosmogenic Nuclides, will include
oral and poster contributions by members of the international cosmogenic
nuclide community, discussions, and short practical workshops. The
three-day workshop will be held in Edinburgh with an optional one-day field
excursion to the highlands. More details can be found on the conference
website: https://www.gla.ac.uk/research/az/suerc/cosmo2020scotland/.

*Register your interest* so you don't miss any key updates on registration
or abstract submission (Google form): https://forms.gle/aAcauRuhDyDcxirq6

We look forward to seeing you in Edinburgh!

*The Organising Committee *(cosmo2020scotland at gmail.com)

Derek Fabel, SUERC, UK

Delia Gheorghiu, SUERC, UK

Andy Hein, University of Edinburgh, UK

Martin Hurst, University of Glasgow, UK

Shasta Marrero, University of Edinburgh, UK

Ángel Rodés, SUERC, UK
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