[CRYOLIST] New article about the analysis of absorbing aerosols on spring snow albedo reduction in the Central Andes of Chile

Tomas Rafael Bolaño Ortíz tomas.bolano at frm.utn.edu.ar
Mon Oct 21 20:46:45 PDT 2019

Dear Cryolisters

We want to share with you our last article entitled "Assessment of
absorbing aerosols on austral spring snow albedo reduction by several
basins in the Central Andes of Chile from daily satellite observations
(2000–2016) and a case study with the WRF-Chem model". In this work,
inventories of regional anthropogenic emissions of own elaboration and
inventory of burning of high resolution are incorporated to the simulations
carried out with the WRF-Chem model to study the relationships: LAP spatial
distributions – snow albedo. The partial results show that air masses from
Brazil and northern Argentina are reaching the snowy areas of the CA and at
the same time there is a snow albedo decrease. The results suggest that the
LAP from the open field biomass burning are being deposited on the snow and
decreasing it albedo, which produces a negative impact on snow and
hydrological resources generated in the Central Andes mountain of Chile.

Full-text access to a view-only version of this paper by using the
following links:



If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

All the best,

Tomás R. Bolaño-Ortiz
Group of Atmospheric and Environmental Studies
Mendoza Regional Faculty – National Technological University
Mendoza – Argentina
tomas.bolano at frm.utn.edu.ar
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