[CRYOLIST] New this year for the Flash Freeze Competition

Ryan Webb rwebb at unm.edu
Tue Oct 22 08:17:26 PDT 2019

Hello Cryolisters,

This year we are opening up the AGU Cryosphere Flash Freeze student competition to also include those unable to attend the Fall Meeting.

Students not able to attend the AGU Fall Meeting may participate in the Flash Freeze Competition via online video conferencing. If you would like to participate in this manner, please indicate so in your letter of intent. The award subcommittee will schedule a time during the week of the AGU Fall Meeting for the video conference presentation. Remote competitors will be judged on the same criteria and under the same 2-minute time constraints as those participating in person discussed on the website.

For more details please see the website: https://connect.agu.org/cryosphere/awards/innovation-award

As a reminder the deadline to submit your application for this student competition is November 15.


Ryan W. Webb

Research Assistant Professor

University of New Mexico

Department of Civil, Construction,

and Environmental Engineering

rwebb at unm.edu

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