[CRYOLIST] Sentinel 3 Altimetry

Andrew Shepherd A.Shepherd at leeds.ac.uk
Fri Oct 25 06:53:40 PDT 2019

Dear Cryolist

EUMETSAT are carrying out a survey of Sentinel-3 altimetry data users. You will very likely not fall into this category, because Sentinel-3 altimetry products over land ice and sea ice are not yet operational due to processor shortcomings.

But Sentinel-3 is the only altimetry mission surveying part of the polar regions and with a guaranteed long-term horizon, so it is important to get the ice products fixed. Although there are plans to address this, ice is not a priority mission target. The most effective way to elevate the priority is through users, for example by completing the survey:


I appreciate this is a big ask of your time, but if you can spare 5 minutes please try to fill it in and most importantly insert a statement in the final box remarking on your keen interest that Sentinel-3 land ice or sea ice altimetry data products be fully operational.

A response by 30 November 2019 is highly appreciated.

-Andy Shepherd
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