[CRYOLIST] CryoSat 10th Anniversary

Andrew Shepherd A.Shepherd at leeds.ac.uk
Sat Oct 26 00:01:57 PDT 2019


Excellent point; as all good students of space history know, Rokot did not offer the same delivery guarantee as Dominos. It is of course possible that CryoSat-1 is still attempting to measure sea ice thickness in the Arctic Ocean, albeit not as intended. Laptop-1, on the other hand, is certainly dead.

Pasta lovers also welcome in Sicily!


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but did LapTop-1 fail to be delivered (without a refund)?

Enjoy your pasta altimetry lovers!

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Dear Cryolist

You wait ages for satellite altimetry posts, and along come 2 in the same day!

It is our great pleasure to announce a Science Conference in celebration of CryoSat's 10th Anniversary. CryoSat has outlived its manufacturer's warranty by a factor 3, which is considerably better than my last 2 laptops, though I accept neither were space qualified.

Anyway, please join us in Sicily, 20-23 April 2020, for this exciting occasion. You are all very welcome, especially those of you who love satellite altimetry.


-=Andy and Tommaso

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